What are Vector Icons and How Can I Use Them?

Communication is such an aspect of our existence that it is so dynamic and vast that it needs to come with a lot of flexibility. This is essential if you stay updated in this highly fast-moving world. Just like many other tools from Microsoft, PowerPoint is also a commonly used program that brings in new and faster communication dynamics.

After using this program for those first few moments, you will soon realize that there are endless possibilities when the talk is about putting your idea in an ideal presentation. Incorporating symbols and icons into this program, also known as vector icons, has an enhanced effect that has made its way to communication.

This new trend is used with people making different presentations in PowerPoint but not using plain text in their work to deliver ideas. The best use of vector icons has now been accepted universally, as many icons are relevant in meaning and design. Animated vector icons, for example, are a perfect way to put your ideas into a PowerPoint presentation.

Instead of just writing the word computer, you can use a computer icon to show the impression of a desktop computer in your overall presentation. Vector icons are very direct in meaning in many situations they are used in, making them ideally handy in better communication.

While looking for vector icons, not all vector icons are effective and appropriate. You should seek an obvious and more prominent icon than all others. The vector file and the image file formats also know the validity of vector icons in the presentation.

Where to find vector icons?

After finding out the practicability of the vector icon in the PowerPoint program, the question is, where can you look for vector icons? The answer is right here; there are just two major sources of finding vector icons: free and paid-for sources.

There are many advantages of using vectors in a PowerPoint presentation. The main benefit of doing all this is that the vector icons are captivating in their presentations and effectively eliminate the blatancy emanating from the plain text.

Vector icons, in other words, are all ornamental in presentation, which makes them a lot more presentable. Compared to just plain text, vector icons have a better way of communicating and delivering their ideas which seem like text. They create a new perception in a viewer where they can engage fully in the presentation.

When watching a presentation of tech gadgets, using vector icons brings more viewership engaged in the content when he wants to rethink the ideas. Unlike the case in which plain text is used, vector icons are all trickier to understand and hence are far more interesting and engaging.

This is why you must get a set of vector icons to help you better explain your idea in a more self-explanatory format.

How to use vector icons?

Using vector icons in a PowerPoint presentation isn't that taxing of an affair. First, you should open your PowerPoint presentation and add a clip art of another file that includes vector icon formats. This is easily done by clicking over the insert tab, and in the already opened task window, you can type the name of the vector file and make a selection. To make your vector icon appear in a list, you must convert it to an EMF file. It can successfully be done by using some online tools. But be sure that you remember where you save your file, which is converted, so that you can find it easily when you want to insert it in your presentation.

You can get your vector icons in infinite sizes. You have to have one file of the icon and can use it in as many sizes as you want. But this works best for black and white icons, whereas, for colorful icons, you can change the size by embedding bitmaps and font hinting.

A vector file is a small, scalable, and editable image that gives designers infinite freedom, which is the case of illustration and graphic design. As such, the vector images are all ideal for graphics such as banner ads, company logos, and other images that require scaling.

Last Words:

These are the various uses of vector icons. If you want to simplify your life and use PowerPoint in its best version, make sure you have vector icons. You can buy ready-made vector icons as well. The Digital Media Lab offers you infinite ways to use vector icons as they offer you ready-made vector icons. These vector icons are a way to grasp your audience's attention and give them the freedom to use their knowledge comprehensively.

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You will see a shift in how your audience reacts to your PowerPoint slides when using vector icons to explain your story and ideas. You can sell more, explain more, and let your audience see what you see in your idea using vector icons and give your PowerPoint presentations the depth they were intended for.

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