What Are The Advantages Of Powerpoint?

When technology is everywhere, there are no places that could go without it. Technology has made its mark on all walks of life and has made our lives easier with its remarkable advancements. Powerpoint is one of the best and most powerful software for giving presentations.


It comes as a part of the Microsoft Office suite and may also be used for business, personal, and all educational needs. It is mostly known for its templates and ease of use. Presentation PowerPoint has conquered the entire game of presentations. 


It is there to serve beginners and professionals as they all say it has allowed them to build their presentations themselves. It allows you to add text, video, images, tables, and audio of data. Many different animations and transitions can assist you in delivering your presentation just the way you like. 


So Let Us List Down The Advantages Of Powerpoint:

Just as you read, PowerPoint has made life easier in the professional and educational dimensions; let's dig into what it has done for the world. 


1.    PowerPoint is virtual:

You can put your presentation on a USB or in any cloud storage, and you will get your PowerPoint presentation by your side at any time. It is included in the standard professional surroundings, so your user license allows you to access the presentation anywhere. 


2.    You can create your design or pick templates:

Some of us are creatives who want everything according to our design, and others go with the flow and use readymade objects. The same is in PowerPoint, as you can also create your own presentation design, or you can pick the readymade templates that fit any professional or educational setting.


It gives you control over the appearance of your slides. You get the freedom to completely customize your presentation to fit your design. As it is so easy to change and play with all elements this software has given you, you can create an ideal presentation for your needs. 


Some readymade templates are also installed into the software to get visually appealing slides in just some clicks. PowerPoint will also give you different design ideas along with elements and images you can pick to include in your design. These are called Microsoft PowerPoint templates.


3.    It is an overall collaborative solution:

Working from home is a very normal thing that many of us do. Tools that give solutions to work together along with your team, even when you are located in different regions, are truly in high demand. PowerPoint has been adept in this situation and has offered its online cloud storage. You can use it from work and even work it from home without having to send the presentation to any address. 


4.    A set of uses:

MS PowerPoint presentation is a complete set of tasks done in one place. As explained by its founder, it is named as a wise and adaptable tool. This software isn't only used for presentations and other kinds of materials such as creating flyers, gifts, marketing materials, videos, or even for CVs.


You can create infographics and presentations for your clients or make social media posts using PowerPoint slides. 


5.    Export files in different formats:

Among the advantages of PowerPoint also lies the fact that you can export your files and materials in many other formats as well other than just .pptx. as you read earlier about the types of materials you can create using this software, now you are also aware that you can save you work in different alternative formats. 


Presentations can be saved in .pdf as this will help reduce their size, videos can be moved or exported as mp4, and for the gifs, there is an option to save them in the form of animated gifs. PowerPoint online offers many formats and options that make you get its best use. You can save your slides as .png or .jpg. 


6.    You can add different multimedia formats:

Your PowerPoint slides can be as fun as you want them to be. Visuals are the basic key point of Powerpoint. An MS PowerPoint presentation comes with its quirks and interactive elements. Images and videos assist you in engagingly explaining your idea through a presentation. There are different basic sounds that you can utilize or even add your audio to get your desired effect. You should use all the functions in ppt template slides to know the real capacity of this great software. 


7.    It is a highly efficient tool:

PowerPoint's advantages may have already made it clear to you how efficient this tool is. The PowerPoint design and elements you use in your slides reveal a lot about your work mode. Once you are familiar with this software, there are many features that you will be using to get an expert in PowerPoint presentations. There are around 84 shortcuts that you can use and save a ton of time too. 


Being so easy to use and highly accessible for all workers worldwide, it is suitable for all types of uses. Often staff or employees already come with a Microsoft license over their work desktops with PowerPoint. Also, different educational places like universities get the suite so that teachers and students can use all of the advantages of PowerPoint.


Can I Have Additional Readymade Powerpoint Templates?


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If you are creative and want to have many more readymade templates to use in PowerPoint slides, then you are at the right place. TheDigitalMediaLab.com is here to assist you in this regard.